Still dormant climber but still lovely    


Cute wee bubble desk garden 



    Some years back a train accident destroyed a mural I’d helped design when I was 17, situated on the wall behind this.

I guess this is eye catching in its own special way too…

It’s enough to make you wish the cattle were back. 



Very nice rusted sheet steel forms containing ?olive trees. Even the naff white pansies look good.


There’s precious little to look forward to en route to a hospital visit generally, but on the busy main drag up to Ayrshire Central, an array of housing from 1980’s Brookside-style to miraculously preserved Georgian, greets your reluctant passage on.

In the front garden of one fine villa remains this deceased specimen tree, sculptural in its bald decay. Probably a cherry, I’d think, its sharply diminishing trunk circumference makes me wonder what bizarre accidental or deliberate cauterization it suffered.
And if this caused the extraordinary corkscrew branching.
And how long the owners will allow the relic to occupy this prime position in their otherwise ultraconventional front garden.

Isn’t it beguiling how this path behind the kitchen garden has over time skewed from both the lawn and the ‘desire line’ trodden by it’s users ?

A first visit to the gym in 6 weeks – 6 weeks of graft, but the arty kind that doesn’t keep you fit . The pain encountered was significantly offset by the view out to a steep bank where the autumn magic of suckering shrub Rhus Typhina (Sumac) shows us why so many gardeners put up with its unruly habit the rest of the year.